About the project

Libraries all over Europe face the difficult challenge of managing tremendous amounts of 20th and 21st century textual materials which have not yet been digitised because of the complex copyright situation. These works cannot be accessed by the general public and are slumbering deep in library stacks, as they are often out-of-print or have never even been in-print at all and reprints or facsimiles are out of sight.

Project Objectives

The EODOPEN project focuses on bringing European 20th and 21st century digitally-hidden stacks to the public forefront by directly engaging with communities in the selection, digitisation and dissemination processes while at the same time reinforcing the capacity of library staff with regards to dealing adequately with rights clearance questions. In addition, the project will broaden the scope to alternative delivery formats in order to reach an even larger audience, especially adequate formats for users of mobile devices as well as blind or visually impaired users.

More about the project, its goals, and work packages you can read here